Welcome on board the Chapa Express Train!

The Chapa Express Train is designed to provide you with a stylish, comfortable overnight journey.

✪ Ticket Prices: 

 No of pax Suite
USD/ Cabin/ way nett
USD/ Cabin/ way nett
USD/ Ticket/ way nett
USD/ Ticket/ way nett
 1 176 159 39 29
 2 176 159 78 58
 3  166 117 87
 4  183 156 116

✪ Included Services:


 Welcome drink and shower facilities at Chapa Lounge (Lao Cai station) 
 High-speed Wi-Fi
 Fresh fruits or biscuits   
 Mineral water 
 Amenities kit
 Beer & soft drink      

 Shuttle bus (Lao Cai station ⇆ Sapa center)
 Note: For round-trip guests only (*)

(*) Applies only to guests who book directly through www.chapaexpresstrain.com.vn

➥ Shuttle bus (Lao Cai station ⇆ Sapa center): 4 USD / person/ way nett

✪ Contact Us Now!

24/7  Booking: (+84) 913396800 / (+84) 912200683

Ha Noi Office: 28th Floor, N01-T4 Building, Doan Ngoai Giao Township, Hoang Minh Thao Str, Bac Tu Liem, Ha Noi
Lao Cai Office: Chapa Lounge, Waiting Room 02, Lao Cai Railway Station, Lao Cai
Office Phone: +84 214 3830 788  
The sparkles of the nightChapa express is a special train which operates completely in the darkness of the night. The designers decide to choose the mysteriousness of the black night as the main concept of the train, leaving  the most important areas with the twinkling ...
Welcome on boardThank you for choosing the Chapa Express Train as part of your journey through beautiful Northern Vietnam! Click here to read more about the Chapa Express Train experience, including our cabins, services and amenities.