Helpful Advice


=> It is better to spend extra money to get a private cabin on trains to Sapa!

=> Bring toilet paper just in case, and hand sanitizer for shared bathroom and toilet facilities.

=> You do not get a key to your compartment but it locks from inside so keep valuables with you if you leave the compartment.

=> 2 berth cabin is usually a four berth cabin with the top two beds folded down.

=> If you want to take a chance to use so-called out-off date transportation, you can take train over bus!

=> There is a screen showing the correct platform for your train. The tickets where showing coach and seat/bed number so it is not difficult to find your train.

=> Train trip is noisy and bumpy-bear in mind that you are in a vehicle but gentle bumping on the tracks sometimes rocks you to sleep :-). Earplugs are helpful too!

=> Treat yourself a nice dinner before getting onto the train to Sapa where you are departing for villages and mountains.

=> There are no shower facilities and only a public basin and toilet that you will share on trains.

=> At the station don’t let anyone touch your bags or lead you to your cabin. They ask for money afterwards and lockup a stink if it’s not over 100,000 dong. Just wave them off and you’ll manage yourself easily.

=> When you wake up in the morning, please do NOT take the drinks offered by the cable car seller. This is from the government and not free so you will pay for the drink if you accept their offer. We have free drinks inside your cabin.


Have a nice trip to Sapa!