Strategically positioned within the Lao Cai International Railway Station, Chapa Lounge stands as a haven of tranquility, promising to be a pinnacle of relaxation during your rail expedition. Immerse yourself in the expansive and well-ventilated ambiance of the Chapa Lounge, an oasis that encapsulates the cultural essence of Lao Cai on a smaller scale. Here, indulge in refined dining and comfort services, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi access and top-tier shower facilities. Chapa Lounge prides itself on its diverse culinary offerings, seamlessly blending Western and Asian cuisine, with a particular focus on highlighting Lao Cai's distinctive specialties. This contemporary haven artfully showcases traditional Lao Cai culture, featuring intricate brocade textiles and iconic rice terraces, while also paying homage to prominent local destinations such as Sapa, Y Ty, and Bac Ha.

A distinctive feature of the Chapa Express Train experience is our all-encompassing suite of services, including the chic Chapa Lounge. Upon disembarking from your overnight journey, seize the opportunity to rejuvenate and prepare for the day ahead as you step into the Chapa Lounge at Lao Cai. Similarly, on your return trip, bask in a moment of relaxation and reflection at the Chapa Lounge, allowing cherished memories to resurface as you ready yourself for the return train journey.

Following your luxurious overnight voyage aboard the Chapa Express Train, indulge in the myriad offerings of the Chapa Lounge, where an array of services awaits at exclusive rates, tailored specifically for Chapa Express Train guests.

Embark on an exceptionally memorable journey with the distinguished Chapa Express Train and Chapa Lounge!

Operational Hours: 05:20 - 22:00

Directions: Upon arrival at Lao Cai Railway Station, follow the prominent signage for the Chapa Lounge located near the main entrance, guiding you to Waiting Room No. 2. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled travel experience that defines sophistication and comfort.