We would like to express our sincere thanks to you for wholehearted support to the ethnic minorities in the mountainous in the North of Vietnam. Thanks to your support, together we are helping the ethnic minorities to have better life.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully before processing the booking with us.

1.1 This Terms and Conditions form the basis for the contractual relationship between Chapa travel and you, in which liability limitations and exclusions of parties are included. Therefore, we highly recommend that you should carefully read this Terms and Conditions as well as all relevant content on our website before booking.
1.2 All issues and/or disputes arising out of and relating to this Terms and Conditions between Chapa travel and you shall be governed by Vietnam laws and shall be settled by competent Vietnam court.
1.3 The receipt of your deposit and/or final payment will indicate that you and/or your travel agent (when applicable) already carefully read, understood and fully accepted these Terms and Conditions.
1.4 Depending on the each of the specific cases (a group of tourists, enterprise, organization, etc), Chapa travel and clients may sign a full and detailed contract beside this Terms and Conditions. In such cases, that contract shall be the final agreement and prevail in comparison with this Terms and Conditions.

2.1 In the territory of Vietnam, the service price shall be calculated and paid in Vietnam currency (VND). In the case of booking and payment outside Vietnam, the service price can be calculated and paid in United State Dollar (USD).
2.2 Service price are clearly listed at the section of “Include” and “Exclude” of tours on our website (www.chapatravel.vnwww.chapatravel.com.vn/ www.chapaexpresstrain.com.vn). Chapa travel shall not be responsible for any payment of services not manifested at “Include” section.

3.1 Booking can be made via the following methods: (1) our office at 4th Floor, N01-T4 Building, Doan Ngoai Giao Township, Do Nhuan Str, Bac Tu Liem, Ha Noi ; (2) our website (www.chapatravel.vn); (3) skype/ whatsapp; (4) email; (5) mobile or phone.
3.2 For the purpose of booking, it is necessary to pay a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total service price. Chapa travel shall confirm your booking and deposit by email enclosed with a specific tour schedule or written receipt in the case of walk-in booking at our head office.

4.1 Time of payment
a. For online booking: a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total service price is required upon your confirmation of booking. The balance is to be paid before the departure of your tour.
b. For walk-in booking: a deposit equivalent to 50% of the total service price is required at the time of booking. The balance is to be paid before the departure of your tour.


4.2 Method of payment
The deposit and the balance of the total service price can be paid by the following methods:
a. To pay directly at our office (4th Floor, N01-T4 Building, Doan Ngoai Giao Township, Do Nhuan Str, Bac Tu Liem, Ha Noi ) or our Chapa Express train (Hanoi station). You can pay by cash in Vietnam currency (VND) or by credit cards (such as Visa card, Master card…). Payment by Visa card/Master card shall be subjected to an additional bank fee at 3%.
b. To make online payment via website www.onepay.vn. For this method, a hyperlink for online payment shall be provided for your submission of required information and payment processing. The transaction fee at 3.6% shall be borne by you.

4.3 All bank transfer charges/fees in relation to money transfer and/or payment by credit cards (if any) shall be borne by you.



It is necessary for clients to buy personal travel insurance & comprehensive health insurance before booking tour with Chapa travel. Upon your request, Chapa travel shall recommends some trustable companies in travel insurance field for your consideration.

7.1 Responsibility of Chapa travel:
a. To ensure all services in accordance with the tour listed on the website and confirmed by email. Except for force majeure events, Chapa travel shall be responsible for paying every additional expense resulting from changes caused by Chapa travel in terms of itinerary, transportation, accommodation; or providing compensatory service; or refunding the difference between the payment for the committed services and the actual offered one;
b. To fully disseminate the necessary information and regulations before the tour departure.
Note: Depending on the actual situation, Chapa travel reserves the right of itinerary change or tour cancellation at any time if we find that it is necessary for the convenience and/or the safety of the clients.


7.2 Responsibility of clients
a. To ensure to be from 18 year olds above for individuals;
b. To ensure the accuracy of all provided information;
c. To bring valid documents for personal identity when travelling such as identity card, passport etc;
d. To be liable for payment of any damages or loss of rental equipment such as motorbikes, bicycles etc;
e. To comply with Vietnamese laws.

During the tour, for the purpose of a safe adventure, Chapa travel highly recommends the clients to follow the following guidance:
a. Please possess the International Driving Permit (IDP) and the National driving permit according to the category of his/her vehicle when handling motor vehicles because Sa Pa is a mountainous region and be careful that it may be difficult to drive for the motorists who is not accustomed to local traffic conditions. Thus, if the road is not safe enough for your driving, you should not do that;
b. Please keep distance to street peddlers following your trek. Your trekking guide and street peddlers are in the same community, so it is very difficult for the trekking guide to chase the street peddlers away;
c. Please bring along our name card to contact us whenever in need;
d. Please only give your train vouchers to Chapa travel’s staffs or the train staffs who have proper identification and give you one-to-one exchange of vouchers for tickets. If you are in doubt, please contact us;
e. Please do bring your valuables, especially the passport, with you at all times during your tour. You may leave your unnecessary valuables at the secure storage of Chapa travel’s office at the Chapa Lounge, Waiting room 02, Lao Cai Station, Lao Cai. Do not leave your valuables in the transport vehicle;
f. If there is any loss of valuables during the tour, please immediately lodge a police report at the nearest police station.