Chapa Express Train commenced operations in June 2014, establishing itself as one of Vietnam's most recent additions to the rail network. Embark on an overnight journey between Ha Noi and Lao Cai with an emphasis on style and comfort within our 14 compact yet fully-equipped cabins. Each cabin boasts air-conditioning, reading lights, comfortable beds, and Sapa-inspired décor. Opt for either shared Deluxe 4-berth cabins or VIP cabins, Suite 2-berth cabins.

     Onboard amenities include high-speed internet, restrooms, toiletries, and hot/cold water for your utmost convenience. Indulge in a sense of familiarity with our complimentary welcome drinks, snacks (biscuits or fresh fruits), and hot/cold towels. Our professional, multilingual Chapa Express Train staff, well-trained to meet your needs, will be at your service throughout the journey.

     Allow the gentle swaying of the train to lull you to sleep as you traverse the night, arriving in Lao Cai revitalized and prepared for the day ahead. Explore the mountain markets surrounding Lao Cai or opt to continue your journey by road, just one hour away from Sapa. All passengers enjoy access to the Chapa Lounge in Lao Cai Railway Station, complete with shower facilities, culinary offerings, beverages, and complimentary Wi-Fi.

    Operating on a daily basis, Chapa Express Train ensures overnight services between Ha Noi (Ha Noi Station at 120 Le Duan Street) and Lao Cai Station, the gateway to Sapa, following the schedule below:

  • Departure from Ha Noi: Daily at 22:00
  • Departure from Lao Cai: Daily at 21:30  

     Chapa Express Train, in collaboration with the boutique Chapa Lounge, guarantees visitors a memorable and seamless travel experience to Sapa.