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When it comes to traveling to Sapa, one of Vietnam's most cherished destinations, the Chapa Express stands out as the best train to Sapa, offering more than just a ride. Beyond ferrying passengers, it enriches your travel experience with organized resort tours and dining options, all adding layers of convenience and comfort to your journey.


Embarking on the luxury train to Sapa, the Chapa Express Train, promises an unparalleled journey. Imagine settling into one of the seven four-berth cabins, each adorned with natural wood paneling and equipped with the comforts of a 3-star accommodation. These cozy retreats come with air conditioning, plush beds, reading lights, and ample storage, all complemented by fresh bedding for a restful sleep.

best train to Sapa

If you're planning a trip from Hanoi to Sapa, let me introduce you to the Chapa Express – a gem among trains and a luxurious experience not to be missed. It's a favorite for tourists and operated by the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, offering a journey that's as memorable as Sapa itself.

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