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Nancy Ferguson


Honestly, this train trip from Hanoi to Lao Cai was as good as it gets. This was our second time on a sleeper train, the 1st was with Lotus trains and Chapa is even better! The beds were softer so it didn’t hurt to sleep at all, everything was pretty much perfect. Definitely recommend it!

jin lih ng

It is definitely a 5stars ride

First, i would rate the cleanliness of the train. It is at the 5 stars quality.

Tim Goldfield

Amazing experience. Lovely staff. Clean beds.


We really enjoyed our overnight trip from Sapa to Hanoi. The carriage was clean and cosy. Toilets were clean. Staff were friendly and helpful.

Namrata Jhamb


A very restful and comfortable journey!

Unalome W

Caring service

I gave it 5 star for the service on itself. The taxi arrived at the hotel smoothly before departure, someone waited at the train station to help with the luggage, and most importantly they speak English! The train is comfortable enough - clean bed, proper duvet, good pillows. However, the train temperature was kept at 25-27 C according to the conductor who can’t speak English. Our cabin is at the end of the carrier so the hot air always blew in from outside. Local people smoke heavily throughout the journey and they stood next to my cabin and smoke so the cigarette smoke stayed with us for the whole journey. When I felt that the cigarette smoke and the 27 C AC temperature was too much to breath, I contacted the hotline via WhatsApp and I got help with such issues straight away. I realized afterwards that no train in Vietnam will be non smoking train. However, I can feel the heart from the Chapa express team. Highly recommended.

Adele S

Best Service from Employee

My partner and I took a VERY last minute sleeper train to Sapa from Hanoi. Mrs. Nguyen found us spots on Chapa and made it all possible. Her communication, information and patience was fantastic. The train itself was quite comfortable, however, only managed to get 4 hours sleep but you’re sleeping on a train, you need to expect it to be loud at times and bumpy.

Emily F

Lovely clean journey

We stayed in a VIP cabin and it’s brilliant. Fairly comfy bed for a train and clean (including toilets) and they gave us some lovely free snacks. On our train to Sapa it was a little warm but we didnt mention it, on our way back to Hanoi we asked for the aircon to be cooler and they instantly changed it for us. It’s a train so sleeping is a little difficult because it’s loud and moves very quickly but if you’re going to book the train then highly recommend Chapa!

Brian G

Fantastic Experience!

Absolutely fantastic experience from Lao Cai to Hanoi. We were admittedly a little taken aback with the reviews on here, but it could not have gone more smooth. Picking up our passes were a breeze. Boarding was very efficient and we left exactly on time. The sheets were very clean and the bed was relatively comfortable. No bugs or dirt anywhere to be found. If you're are expecting a quiet and very smooth ride, then you've clearly never been on a train before. It rocks a little bit and there are obviously some noises throughout the night, but nothing that prevented me from sleeping for 8 hours. My wife and I were incredibly pleased with the experience and would gladly do this again!

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